Interpreting services

An interpreter is a linguistic intermediary enabling verbal communication in two or several languages between people from different countries and cultures.

Interpreting services are charged on an hourly basis. Every commenced hour is charged as a full hour. Journeys to the required location and travel expenses will be charged separately. Prices vary according to the language and complexity of the text as well as the type of interpreting required, i.e. consecutive, simultaneous or liaison.

We supply fully qualified, experienced interpreters for your business negotiations, business trips in Germany and overseas, accompanying delegations as well as for meetings of a legal nature at notaries, lawyer’s offices, registry offices, exhibitions, sightseeing, authorities etc.

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Translating services

Translating is a written form of communication from one language into another language. In order to guarantee the high quality of our translations, we employ only native speakers or qualified translators.

Prices for translations are calculated on a per line basis. A standard line comprises 55 characters. Lines are counted in the target language. Prices for translations depend on the language combination, the complexity as well as the subject matter or technical area of the source text.

We charge from 5,00 € per document for certification.
The minimum order value for a translation is € 35.00.

We can gladly make you quotes for the translation of references, certificates and documents
that already include the certification fee.

All prices quoted do not include the valid 19% VAT.

Companies and authorities with headquarters in Europe and in possession of a valid EU VAT number are not required to pay VAT.

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